This is our short url/memo service which runs at

Please note: This service is not publically available due to spam reasons.

An earlier incarnation got hacked by spammers so for the last few years this service has been locked down.

Please do not ask for access to this service as you'll almost certainly be declined. These instructions are here just incase I do allow external access to this service.

Calling the service

Access to any of the endpoints on this service requires an Authorization request header included with the API key included.

curl -H 'Authorization: {{key}}'{{endpoint}}

Generating a unique ID

The genid endpoint generates a unique ID used by the service. This ID is unique so one generated by this endpoint will never be reused by another part of the service.

$ curl -H 'Authorization: {{key}}'

Generating a short URL

This endpoint generates a short URL and makes it available on

To use you need to make a http POST request with the request body containing a JSON object with one key url which contains the url to shorten.

$curl -H 'Authorization: {{key}}' -d '{"url":"{{url}}"}'

The returned JSON object describes the details of that URL

destThe destination URL
surlThe shortened URL
tokenThe generated ID used in the shortened URL
typeAlways link for results from this endpoint


Shorten a url within a bash script

For this to work you need jq installed, e.g.
sudo apt-get install jq

This recipe will shorten a URL from within a bash script:

$ URL=''
$ SURL=$(curl -s -H 'Authorization: {{key}}' \
    -d "{\"url\":\"$URL\"}" \ |\
     jq -r 'select(.surl!=null)|.surl')
$ echo $SURL

The bash variable SURL will either contain a url or be empty if there was a failure.